Modern conveniences have made our lives easier, however, the downside is that they reduce our opportunities to be physically active throughout the day. The result is an overweight population with an increased risk for developing chronic diseases.

Being physically active, even in small amounts have positive health benefits. When we are actively using our muscles we are burning calories. . For some, finding the time to go to the gym can be challenging. Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to incorporate physical activity throughout the day. Below are some suggestions.
Your Commute
Walking or cycling to work you will burn calories instead of gas and if you are stuck in traffic, most likely, you will start your day being stressed. Check out League of American Bicyclists for valuable information.
Errands – Walk/Cycle
If stores and services that you frequent are within a few miles of your home, consider walking or cycling. Cargo bikes are useful and can help cart home groceries and transport your children.
Reduce Time Sitting
Many employers are investing in their employee’s health by providing standing desks. There are many negative health consequences of sitting for long periods of time If using a standing desk is not possible, try standing whenever possible, for example while on a lengthy conference call. You might also try sitting on a stability ball, this will engage and strengthen your core and low back.
Coffee Breaks
If you need a coffee break during the day, choose the farthest coffee shop from your workplace. You’ll accomplish two things, getting your caffeine fix and a walk. Try asking your colleagues to join you; you can discuss work-related topics while walking instead of sitting in an office.
Take the Stairs
Whenever possible take the stairs; it’s a great opportunity to get some exercise and you won’t waste time waiting for elevators.
Park Far
This is an easy way to ensure you get some extra walking in throughout the day. As a bonus, the parking spaces and easier to find and your car is less likely to get scratched.
Join in the Fun
Don’t sit and look at your phone while your kids are playing in the yard or in the park. Play with them! You’ll all get exercise and have fun; remember; someday they will be too old to play in the park with you. If you are waiting for them to finish practicing a sport, don’t sit in your car or on the bench, talk a walk around the field.
It may not seem like much but all these things add up to help you burn calories and improve your health. .

Stay Healthy My Friends,

Mike Kneuer