Looking for a brutal workout that is going to challenge your body, as well as, your guts? Then look no further. You’ve met your match. The Freedom Run is a brutal 94 flights of stairs up and down the height of the Freedom Tower in NYC on a 3 story staircase. But not like that’s not enough every trip up and down the stairs you are carrying a different heavy object. Every time you go down you drop off your item and sprint up the stairs then come back down and grab a new item for the next trip. We used 2 18lb kettlebells, 32kg kettlebell, a 25lb plate, a 35lb sandbag, a 16kg Vipr, and a 20lb medicine ball. We also did this at 9am on a HOT Saturday in Boca Raton, FL.

This is a cardio based workout and your heart rate will be elevated for the entire time. My team finished this 94 flight workout in just over 36 minutes. I challenge you to beat their time! This workout will push you to your absolute limits and show you what you are made of. Check back to you Youtube channel later for the full video.

-Mike Kneuer