No, not like that. I’m talking about cheating on my healthy nutrition. The headline grabbed your attention though, right? I felt like I was cheating as I was taking a bite of Raw by Raw Dessert Treats, but I wasn’t. It was a guilty pleasure that I didn’t have to run an extra mile on the treadmill to atone for.

Raw by Raw is a local south Florida company owned by a health conscious college girl that makes delicious dessert bites with healthy vegan ingredients. Check out the label and see for yourself. They are gluten free, paleo, dairy free, with no refined sugars, soy, or eggs, and vegan with very minimal ingredients and nothing you can’t pronounce. So basically just good stuff in these tasty bites. Each bite is 1 serving, I must mention that as it is easy to eat an entire box of these and end up with 4x the macros on the nutrition facts, they are THAT good.

I tried 4 of her awesome flavors and will share a little about each.

Original Brownie – This chocolate flavored brownie bite was excellent. It was very chocolately and the texture was better than a brownie. This is a classic flavor and she did a great job capturing the fresh from the oven brownie taste. I broke one of these up into small pieces and added to my granola cereal for a chocolate splash.

Lemon Coconut – I’m not usually a fan of citrus flavored foods but this was pretty damn good. The blend of lemon and coconut was just enough of each so one didn’t overpower the other. The coconut flakes were a nice addition and added a mini crunch to the treat.

Cinnamon Roll – Want Cinnabon taste on a 6 pack diet? This one is for you! It was a toss up between this one and Salty Caramel for my favorites. It was sweet and cinnamon-y (I think I made that word up). I wish I didn’t eat them all already because as I’m typing this I just though how great it would be if I heated it up like a warm Cinnabon.

Salty Caramel – This one just edged out the Cinnamon Roll as my favorite. It was just the right amount of salty and sweet. Definitely would go great warmed up on some coconut ice cream!

Raw by Rae is an up and coming snack star in the healthy foods industry. These treats are made from all natural and healthy ingredients and taste awesome. They can be ordered at and you can connect with her on Facebook at .

Stay healthy my friends,

Mike Kneuer