Mike Kneuer

Have a Clearly Defined Realistic Goal by Mike Kneuer

Know where you want to go. Ask almost any successful person in life, fitness, business, or anything else and they will tell you the importance of goal setting. By creating goals it not only creates motivation but also gives you a measuring stick to compare to. Most people are afraid of failure and therefore don’t set goals. They tend to have average bodies and live average lives. We aren’t here to be average..

It is important that before beginning you have a clearly defined and measurable goal. There is a big difference in your success toward reaching your goal if it is defined. Want to “lose a few pounds” isn’t quite the same as “lose 10lbs of fat and 2 inches off my waist.” It is also important to choose a goal that is realistic. If your goal is too big or unrealistic you will never hit it and give up feeling like a failure. Training with me will help you get to your goal but keep in mind this isn’t I’m not a miracle worker that will take you from 250lbs of fat to 185lbs with a 6-pack in 28 days, but EVERYONE that follows the program customized for them will be much better off after just 28 days then where they started.

Write your goal down. Tell your friends to hold you accountable. Put it somewhere you will see it daily. Keep it in your pocket. And relentlessly chase that goal down!

Author Bio

 Hi! I’m Mike Kneuer, a personal trainer, health coach, nutrition specialist, and professional physique athlete in Boca Raton, Florida. You can train with me at Life Time Athletic or, if you don’t live in South Florida, online at www.iPersonalTrainOnline.com.

If you’re a guy who is struggling to lose those last 15-20lbs keeping you from a shredded 6 pack check out my program Project Shredded. It is the same program I used to go from never doing a physique competition and deciding to jump in one to winning my Pro Card in just under 4 months. www.ProjectShredded.com

Fun Fact: I have taken a picture of everything he has eaten since 2012 and put it on Instagram and Twitter @WhatMikeEats and for those who don’t Tweet on www.WhatMikeEats.com to help my fitness family see you can eat healthy and still eat well. Check it out!