June 2015 - Mike Kneuer

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Changing Lives and Bodies

mike kneuer

“Simply short, Mike Kneuer is the REAL DEAL. I started with Mike about 3 months ago. I immediately admired his passion for what he does and the individualized attention he gives. He also brings lots of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to fitness and training. He mixes up his work outs, keeps it fun and interesting but don’t mistake fun and interesting for easy.. I was at one point in my past a college level football athlete, and have done some rough workouts before but those were nothing like an hour session with big Mike. Hard work = results and you will get a HEALTHY dose of both if you follow his lead. However, being healthy and fit and getting in shape does not stop with merely training the body..and neither does Mike. The guy clearly has taken the time to learn about and knows the nutrition side of getting your body right. He reviewed what i was already eating. Evaluated what was crap and what was good and gave me a solid outline that i still live by and probably will continue to live by for at least the foreseeable future.

In 2.5 months on Mike Kneuer’s fitness and nutrition program I went from 199lbs to hitting my goal/ideal weight of 179 lbs. I’m as fit if not more fit than i’ve been since I played ball..and it shows too. I am on my way to being in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I trust Mike to get me there.. I recommend Mike to anyone wishing to make a positive transformational change in their life both physically AND nutritionally.” – Monte Harry

Mike Kneuer, CPT, CES, FAS, FNS is a natural professional physique athlete, personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, and functional aging specialist. He has a decade of experience helping people from all walks of life live healthier and better lives.

His #1 selling online program Project Shredded has changed the bodies of hundreds of guys seeking a shredded physique.